Empowering People with Diabetes:

Improving Perceptions and Outcomes with Technical Advances in Insulin Pens

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David Oyer, MD, FACE; Marcus Niemeyer, PhD; Alan Moses, MD

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Postgraduate Medicine:

Volume 124 No. 5


Clinical Features

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DOI: 10.3810/pgm.2012.09.2587
Abstract: For people with diabetes treated with insulin, the development of insulin pens has led to important advantages compared with the use of vials and syringes. Insulin pens are associated with improved ease of use, user confidence, treatment satisfaction, and quality of life compared with vials and syringes. Continual improvements to insulin pen designs to further enhance usability and improve patient perceptions may help to lower patients’ resistance to initiating insulin therapy and further improve treatment adherence. This article reviews recent developments in prefilled insulin pens that may assist health care professionals when considering insulin-delivery devices to recommend to their patients.

Keywords: diabetes; prefilled insulin pen; quality of life; usability; vial and syringe; patient outcomes