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We provide you with the latest postgraduate medicine medical journals so you can stay updated in the field. 

The Postgraduate Medical Journal is an online journal that aims to publish high-quality literature for postgraduate medical students and doctors, although the general reader will find useful information here as well, given the easy-to-understand style of our writers. It is an open-access journal that publishes original research, review articles, case reports, clinical presentations, and editorial pieces.

The purpose of this platform is the dissemination of scientific and medical knowledge. It provides a forum for free publication of scientific articles, news about scientific events, and calls for papers.

Readers will get access to the newest research which is being done on health issues as varied as liver disease diabetes, cancer, and overactive bladder, as well as the novel treatment methods that are continually emerging. Furthermore, they will be informed about the medical technology and equipment which is being developed to more effectively tackle these issues.


The staff at Postgraduate Medicine consists mainly of medical researchers, but also of experienced writers who have specialized in writing about the medical industry. We combine the in-depth knowledge of our researchers with the communication skills of our writers to provide the latest and greatest from the most recent research and publications. Common to all members of our staff is a shared commitment to enlightening the world with accurate medical information.


Our core values at Postgraduate Medicine are Education, Transparency, and Easy Access. We seek to educate our readers by giving them free and easy access to medical knowledge that is otherwise difficult to get one’s hands on. At the same time, we strive to live in accordance with these values through every step of our research process. 

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Overactive bladder

Overactive bladder

Treatment of Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder is a common problem that affects people of all ages but occurs most often in adults who are 60 years or older.

Liver disease

Liver disease

What liver disease diabetes is and how to treat it

Liver disease diabetes is a term that appears to have increased in popularity lately, given new research that is being done in this area.

Root Canal Inflammation: Symptoms, Causes, and Dental Treatment

Root canal

Root Canal Inflammation: Symptoms, Causes, and Dental Treatment

Root canal inflammation is a common dental problem that many people experience, and is the result of an untreated or unsuccessfully treated tooth infection.



How to Prevent Sciatica, According to Physiotherapists

Sciatica is a common cause of leg pain. The pain may range from mild to severe and may be felt in one or both legs. 

Mouth Cancer: How Dentists Discover and Treat It, and How to Prevent It


Mouth Cancer: How Dentists Discover and Treat It, and How to Prevent It

Mouth cancer is cancer of the mouth. The most common type of mouth cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma, which develops in the thin, flat cells lining the upper surface inside your mouth.

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